Online Casino War Table Game

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Online Casino War

Most gamblers look at online casinos as casinos that are more difficult to play and explore. But these are thoughts are exactly the opposite of the real experience on online casinos. Online casinos are easier to understand, easier to play and easier to manage. Unlike the traditional casinos, online casinos offer convenience, security, portability and mobility. You can just stay at home and enjoy the world of online casino gambling. Online casino games offer the same conventional casino games that existed for several generations and provide variations that can definitely make gambling a pleasure. In addition, online casinos also feature easy casino games for the relaxed and spontaneous gambler.

The easiest online casino game is War. War is based on a children’s game and the rules are extremely simple. The game is one on one: the dealer versus the gambler. The objective of the game is for the gambler to beat the dealer by having a card with a higher value. If the gambler wins, he wins an amount equal to his initial bet. If he loses, his entire bet will be forfeited. Ties will happen if the dealer and the gambler hold cards with the same ranking and the gambler can either surrender or go to war.

If the gambler decides to surrender, half of his bet will be lost. If the gambler decides to go to war, an additional bet equivalent to his initial bet must be wagered. Then, the war commences. Before the dealer and the gambler obtain a new card, three cards must be ‘burned’ or discarded. These new cards will again be compared. If the gambler has a higher card than the dealer, he wins a payout equivalent only to the original bet. But if the dealer wins, the gambler loses all his bets, which include the original and the war bets. If a tie occurs again, the gambler takes home the pot.

War is a fast-paced online casino game. Simple and easy to play, this game is like any other online casino game that gives every gambler the opportunity to win huge cash payout. This online casino game is not a battle of life and death, but a clash between living and living in luxury.

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